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A Magical Tale

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a regular house in a regular neighborhood with a regular family. But she dreamed magical thoughts. She longed to throw parties that would delight and astound.

When she was 12 years old, she gathered all the kids from her regular neighborhood and brought them to her magically haunted castle (actually her garage decorated to resemble a magically haunted castle) and proceeded to scare the bejesus out of them!

Flushed with success, she went on to entertain the neighborhood with various other events – carnivals, puppet shows, picnics, hoe downs….

But alas, as she grew older she had to put away her magical aspirations and concentrate on more practical concerns. Like finding a job that paid the rent. But she never stopped dreaming.

Then one day she met her knight in shining armor. Together they had four children and when the children were old enough to have parties, she again pulled out her bag of magic tricks.

Countless times one or another of her kids would plead, “Mom, must you dress up like that? Why can’t we have a normal party like other kids? Why do we have to have a Monster Cake and Dragon Claws for lunch?” But she needed an outlet for her magical dreams didn’t she?

Well coincidently, her handsome prince happened to own a restaurant that served magically delicious food. So she started experimenting with different theme nights at the restaurant featuring theme food and décor, and much to her amazement a waiting list magically appeared of people wanting to attend.

Ever the dreamer, she decided to offer theme catering and décor to dreamers just like herself who wanted something different and amazing but didn’t have the time to pull it off themselves…and Viola! Magical Theme Catering & Event Production was born.

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Our Dream Team Staff

“You and your staff were absolutely amazing. You moved like clockwork with no direction from me. Your area at each event was the only thing I didn’t have to worry about. I was so relieved to leave it all in your hands. Thank you!”

Laura Crozier, Drexel University

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